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     Foshan Nanhai Superband Mould Co., Ltd was founded in November 1990, and changed to be a joint venture by purchase of asset in January 2004. Superband is a process research and service enterprise,which registered capital is RMB 45.75 million, specialized in the integrative research and supplying of aluminum alloy material performance, product design, equipment manufacturing, process technology and mould technology.
      The headquarters is in Nanhai,occupies an area of 60 thousands square meters,contains office building,workshop and storehouse,with more than 600 existing employs.In order to provide more efficient and convenient services to our customers,Superband has established two mould manufacturing bases in Qinhuangdao and Kunshan,also set up mouldmaintainance bases in Binzhou and Yangzhou.
            In the past more than twenty years,Superband made outstanding contributions to run up China’s wheel industry from zero to the world’s top.For the sake of developing technology, Superband are taking the leading position in China.The annual output of current moulds contains over 2000 sets,Superband has become the largest OEM aluminum alloy wheel manufacturer in China.Meanwhile, Superband has made the significant breakthrough in Special-shaped product,including process technology and mouldmanufacturing,that completed the design and manufacture of automotive engine cylinder, pump cover, sump and so on.Since 2000,Superband step into high-pressure industry,till now,Superband’s high-pressure casting production have covered much area such as automotive components, microwave communication, household appliances.The annual output is over 4000 tons.
      The core value of Superband is "honesty and credibility, technical innovation, customer success" and motto is "unity, hard working, pursuing super excellence". Superband implements "depend on technical innovation and integration, become the high efficiency total solution service provider" enterprise strategy, also fulfills our mission "increasing value for customers, knowledge acquiring for employees, profits for shareholders". To realize the top class enterprise in mechanical manufacturing industry goal, Superband builds a team equipped with top technology, top quality, top services and top performance.








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