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    In2005,"Superband" brand aluminum alloy wheel mould products were named "Brand-name products

    in Guangdong province".


    Since the beginning of 2005,Superband has won the "National high tech enterprise","Private

    high-tech enterprises in Guangdong province" and so on,also set up the provincial,municipal

    and district level"Research Center of casting engineering technology for aluminum alloy".


    In 2006,Superband was awarded the honorary title of "Tax over RMB 30 million enterprises in 2006"

    by the Foshan Municipal people`s government for the first time,and became a real big taxpayer.


    In 2017,Superband won the title of "Top 20 enterprises of China`s die casting mould production



    In 2017,Superband won the title of"Enterprise technology center in Foshan". 





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