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    Personnel Policy

    BOND people, confident, self-discipline, positive, Concord BOND people, efficiency, innovation, exploration, enterprising BOND who has been appointed to excellence to flourish as the company’s Wing Bandag process of growth is the technical process of accumulation. Today, Bandag, a group of creative product development engineers, experienced mold design engineers, skilled mold technicians, with multi-angle analysis, and constantly improve their products to better serve customers. With the unremitting efforts of Benda, Benda model has been developed from the original small workshop into today’s Bandag Group, and BOND (HK) Industrial Co., Ltd., BOND (USA) Corporation, Foshan Nanhai BOND - A Kant Mould Co., Ltd. (Sino-German joint venture), Shanghai BOND Mould Co., Ltd. Qinhuangdao BOND mold together to create a professional automotive wheel mold production base. BOND, day by day, grow, Bandag people a sense of pride Cho



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