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    Product Overview

    In 2011, after the independent research, development and production in low pressure casting machine, Superband successfully sold OEM products which eventually used by Shanghai Volkswagen. It marks the breakthrough development obtained by Superband in the integrative supplying of equipment,mould and technics.

    The Characteristics of Low Pressure Casting Machine
    1、 Temperature control system

    To achieve control linking between the furnace temperature control table and the aluminum liquid temperature control table,the temperature control system uses simulation mode, also controls the display temperature and measured temperature at ±2°. With high nitrogen composite ceramic materials in the thermal insulation furnace lining, this furnace has an energy-saving effect and can save energy more than 20 ﹪ compare with the ordinary castable insulation furnace.

    2、 Central control

    Superband operator can control the operation screen of low pressure casting machine in the office by the remote manipulation, monitoring on the scene procedure of casting , importing and exporting the casting parameter data in flexibility.

    3、 User management

    System operation permissions are divided into four classes of administrators, technicians , foreman and operators. Every class can enter the system operation according to the permission level and verify the casting process parameters in a timely manner.

    4、 Oil cylinder cooling in side die

    Opening and closing frequently in the production of side die always results in serious oil leakage.In order to avoid this issue, the supply of cooling water is necessary. Inpouring the water on the connection plates of side die, and form a water circle to take away heat. Heat reduction will prevent the seal ring of cylinder from heat damage, and good seal ring can reduce oil leakage.

    5、 mist cooling

    Using the design of pulse pump water rationing and the digital control of the flow of water,you can obtain the perfect atomizing effect and save the cost of production. Also please see the following parameter comparison,there are different production efficiency between the air cooling and the mist cooling.

    Cooling Method Lift Filling pressure boost pressure maintaining Cooling Mold Open and Mold Close Total Time Efficiency
    Air 180/10S 320/18S 820/8S 200S 50S 32S 318S 90.5pcs
    Mist cooling 180/10S 320/18S 820/8S 150S 35S 32S 253S 113.8pcs

    The efficiency would be increased from 90.5 to 113.8, nearly 25% rise if the mist cooling is used in the process.

    Divided into cooling air, water and mist cooling mode, every cooling mode can be easy adjusted and rapidly changed to another mode by the user.

    6、 equipment failure

    The device of "equipment status" has been installed in the monitoring system of the low pressure casting machine. Please click on the device of "equipment status " and find out the fault parts according to the alarm displayed, avoid long time in troubleshooting.

    7、 Control Systems

    A、Operation panel has a good man-machine interface. Touch screen, PLC and other main parts are supplied by Siemens with powerful functions and rapid implementation.

    This system can fully customized according to customer’s requirements to implement function such as: the alarm device of adding liquid aluminum, the alarm device once low liquid aluminum temperature in the holding furnace. B、The equipment can satisfies the large size castings in production, including 35 inch alloy wheel.



    B-1100B Low Pressure Casting Machine

    Dimension & Gross Weight
    Height mm 6350
    Distance between Top and Bottom Table mm 1890
    Width mm 2580
    Length mm 2420
    Gross Weight kg 21000
    Weight of Furnace kg 4500
    Weight of Machine kg 15500
    Mold Closing Force kN 130
    Mold Opening Force kN 180
    Casting Roll Force kN 290
    Push Rod StrokeTD> mm 200
    Template Journey mm 1055
    Template Maximum Spacing mm 1685
    Template Minimum Spacing mm 630
    Dimension of the Working Table mm 2400X1530X120
    Movable Platen Size mm 1100X1000X120
    Maximum Blanking Stroke mm 80
    Side Mold Maximum Stroke mm 200
    Two Side Mold Opening Force kN 55
    Two Side Mold Clamping Force kN 75
    Rod Free Work Area mm 1400/1000
    Take Out Device Opening Range mm 135
    Maximum Size of Wheel Hub inch 32
    Furnace Capacity kg 800
    Rated Power KW 35
    Rated Maximum Temperature 950℃(爐氣)
    Furnace Temperature Control   Power thyristor module
    Hyristor Power KW 50
    The precision of temperature control <±3℃
    Heating Rate ℃/MIN ≥2℃
    Furnace Shell Temperature
    Maximum Working Pressure MPA 0.1
    Maximum Allowable Pressure MPA 0.12
    Hydraulic Equipment
    Hydraulic Tank Capacity L 400
    Working Pressure Mpa 10
    Variable Plunger Pump Flow 1/min 90
    Hydraulic Pump Power KW 22
    Cooling Pump and Filter Circuit Power KW 1.5
    CPU Controller   Siemens CPU 314
    Human Machine Interface   Siemens MP 277 10 inch touch screen
    Cooling Channel
    Air Cooling Channel 16
    Water Cooling Channel 16
    Water Cooling Channel 6
    Mist Cooling Channel Nm3/h 360
    Gas Consumption for Each Cooling Loop L/Min 4.5
    Required Air Pressure Bar 6-8
    Required Water Pressure Bar 2-4
    Mold Temperature Sensor 8


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